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Invesco Senior Loan ETF

Discover the potential benefits senior loans can offer portfolios.

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Why invest in BKLN?

The Invesco Senior Loan ETF is designed for investors seeking high income potential, rising rate mitigation, and diversification by investing in senior loans. By investing in BKLN, investors may benefit from:


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A senior secured loan is a corporate loan repackaged into a bundle of other corporate loans that are sold to investors.

BKLN can be considered in a portfolio to potentially boost income and diversification while providing some mitigation against rising rates due to the floating rate nature of senior loans.

Senior loans are typically rated below investment grade, which partly explains their higher yields.

The interest payments of senior loans are typically reset every 30 to 90 days and rise along with interest rates. This floating rate feature of senior loans, along with their low durations, mean they typically perform better than fixed-rate bonds when rates rise.

BKLN tracks the Morningstar LSTA US Leveraged Loan 100 Index, which includes the 100 largest and most liquid senior secured loans within the broader universe.

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  • The Invesco Senior Loan ETF seeks to track the investment results (before fees and expenses) of the Morningstar LSTA US Leveraged Loan 100 Index.