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Invesco Conservative Income Fund

Invests in short-duration, investment grade money market and fixed income securities.

Reasons to invest

The Invesco Conservative Income Fund is a conservatively managed ultrashort duration fixed income fund that seeks to fill the void between money market solutions and short-term bond funds for investors with excess cash. The fund maintains a duration of less than one year and focuses on money market securities, investment grade credit, and traditional asset-backed securities.


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Ultra-short duration funds and money market funds are both seen as relatively conservative investments for short-term liquidity need. However, ultrashort funds have a slightly longer duration profile than money market funds. 

The fixed income securities in the Invesco Conservative Income Fund include corporate bonds, commercial paper, asset-backed securities, repurchase agreements, certificates of deposit, and Treasury securities.

Relative to other ultrashort duration funds, the Invesco Conservative Income Fund aims to generate  competitive performance, less volatility, and lower drawdowns versus our Morningstar Ultrashort Bond category peers.

Bond prices and interest rates move in opposite directions. However, the very short duration of ultra-short duration funds typically provides less sensitivity to rising rates than funds that invest in bonds with longer durations.

The following share classes are offered for this fund: Class A, Class Institutional, Class R6, Class Y

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  • The Fund’s investment objective is to provide capital preservation and current income while maintaining liquidity.

    Morningstar Ultrashort bond portfolios invest primarily in investment-grade U.S. fixed-income issues and have durations of less than one year (or, if duration is unavailable, average effective maturities of less than one year). This category can include corporate or government ultrashort bond portfolios, but it excludes international, convertible, multisector, and high yield bond portfolios.

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