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Now may be the right time for Low Volatility

The more a stock’s price falls, the more it has to gain just to get back to even — this simple math explains the appeal of the Low Volatility factor. It seeks to participate in up markets and cushion the blow of down markets. Today, many people feel that the market is at risk of a downturn after so many years of a historic bull market. If you’re concerned about what’s to come, now may be the time to consider Low Volatility.

A Pure Approach to Low Volatility

Not all Low Volatility factor approaches are alike. Some have constraints that may allow higher volatility stocks to slip into the portfolio. But Invesco’s strategies use a “pure” approach that’s designed to give you full exposure to what the Low Volatility factor has the potential to offer — upside participation combined with downside risk mitigation. These six Low Volatility ETFs take a pure approach across global regions and market caps: Click on the tickers below for fund performance, methodolgy, holdings and more.

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