Implementing BulletShares® in Your Portfolio

BulletShares fixed income ETFs can offer diversification and a high degree of flexibility, creating a convenient way to tailor fixed income allocations1.

Explore BulletShares® Portfolio Applications

BulletShares ETFs offer fixed income investors a simple, convenient and cost-effective2 alternative to purchasing individual bonds, and can be used in a variety of portfolio strategies:

  • Fill Gaps in Existing Portfolios
  • Implement a Barbell Strategy
  • Build a Laddered Portfolio
  • Plan For a Future Expense
  • Obtain Targeted Yield-Curve Exposure
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What is
Bond Laddering

A laddered strategy provides continuous bond exposure through multiple maturities. As holdings mature, the proceeds are reinvested into longer duration assets.

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Diversification does not guarantee a profit or eliminate risk.

2 Since ordinary brokerage commissions apply for each buy and sell transaction, frequent trading activity may increase the cost of ETFs.

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