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How to ask for referrals

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Key takeaways
The challenge

Referrals may be the best source of new clients, but you may be apprehensive about asking for them.

Our solution

Our research-based approach uses a low-risk offer to help friends, colleagues, and family members.

Our program

“Preferrals,” our business-building program, is built to teach you how to ask and receive referrals.

The challenge: Asking for referrals

You don’t get referrals if you don’t ask, but asking may damage your client relationships. Not asking isn’t good for business. Consider this: Nearly 90% of new clients come from referrals.1 Yet, 88% of financial professionals say they didn’t ask their clients for a referral.2

Our solution: “Preferrals”

Our business-building program, “Preferrals” uses a research-based approach in an effort to transform an outdated and potentially harming referral method into a low-risk offer to help friends, colleagues, and family members. You’ll learn:

1. Why common approaches don’t work
Understand why the typical mainstream methods can actually harm your practice.

2. A sequence to follow
A research-based method built to help you be successful in winning referrals without the awkwardness of asking.

3. Social prospecting methods
A way to make you and your friends comfortable and to clearly communicate that you’re available if they ever need help.

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  • 1

    Source: R.A. Prince & Associates, Inc., January 2021 study of 478 financial professionals. Used with permission. (89.7% of new clients come from referrals.)

  • 2

    Source: R. A. Prince & Associates, Inc., January 2013 study of 338 financial professionals with an income between $200,000 and $500,000 after expenses and before taxes. Used with permission. (88.1% of financial professionals say they did not ask their clients for a referral.)

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