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Rising COVID-19 cases, a lack of US fiscal stimulus, and the potential for a contested presidential election are causing apprehension

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Identifying strategies to help generate income in a low-yield world. Explore investment strategies to help generate income in a low yielding world.


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Currency outlook: China may intervene if renminbi/US dollar exchange rate reaches 7.0

Invesco Fixed Income shares its views on currencies around the world

Notification of International Mail Delays

As a result of COVID-19, certain countries have temporarily suspended international mail delivery and the United States Postal Service is currently unable to accept mail destined for these countries. For a current list of the impacted countries, please refer to the USPS service alert.

As of August 7, 2020, Invesco is unable to deliver, by mail, shareholder statements, checks, fund prospectuses, and other relevant reporting and regulatory disclosures to current clients and shareholders residing in the following locations: Bermuda, Bolivia, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jordan, Panama, Saint Maarten, South Africa, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.

We are relying on the Securities and Exchange Commission’s staff statement permitting delay in transmitting these materials to shareholders and clients in these locations until such clients consent to electronic delivery or there is a resumption of mail delivery services in their country. However, current prospectuses, fund reports, and other public disclosures are readily accessible on our website.

In an effort to prevent delay in mail delivery to our clients, we encourage all clients who live in impacted countries to opt-in to electronic delivery. In the event that you do not consent to electronic delivery or we are unable to deliver impacted mailings electronically, we will seek to ensure physical mail delivery of all international mailings promptly after the resumption of regular mail service for each impacted country.