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Your value proposition: What do you do?

Your value proposition: What do you do?

Your value proposition

Here is a suggested script to eloquently and concisely describe what you do for your clients.

"Our team was built to answer the two most fundamental questions that anyone has of our industry: 'Will I make it?'  and 'Do I have any financial blind spots?' When you strip away the white noise, these are the two most critical and profound questions that anyone has in his/her financial life.

"Question #1 asks: 'Will I make it?' In our experience, the vast majority of people we've met haven't even defined 'it,' so most people don't have a clue whether they're going to actually make it to all of their financial dreams, goals, and aspirations. The first thing our team does is go through a deep discovery process where we help you define everything you're trying to accomplish in your financial life with a high degree of specificity. We then take everything you're currently doing financially, lay that on top of your goals, and tell you definitively whether you are, in fact, likely going to make it. If the answer is 'yes,' we pat you on the back and say, 'Congratulations, you're well on your way.' If the answer is 'no,' we surface the shortfalls and challenges and offer you rational solutions built to get you back on-track.

"Once we've answered question #1, we move to question #2: 'Do I have any financial blind spots?' or 'Is there anything I've overlooked that could do my business, my family, or me any harm?' After all, there's likely nothing sadder in life than marching off toward all of your dreams, goals, and aspirations only to get blindsided by something you didn't anticipate. So, our team does a 360° look at you from a financial perspective, looking for any risk exposure you haven't uncovered. Once again, if we find something, we're going to surface the issue and offer you rational solutions meant to close that risk exposure.

"At the end of this exhaustive journey, you will hopefully have answered the two most fundamental and profound questions you've had: 'Will I make it?' and 'Do I have any financial blind spots?'"

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