Fundamental equities

Offering investors a broad range of actively managed equities through a diversified global platform.

Why consider Invesco for fundamental equities?

Invesco has been a trusted partner in fundamental equity investing for over 75 years. Offering investors choice and versatility, our diversified global platform has scale, scope, and depth with strong actively-managed capabilities that span regions, styles, and market capitalizations.

  • High conviction – We seek to deliver our best ideas to clients through high conviction portfolios backed by our strong active capabilities and rigorous risk management approach.
  • Diversified global platform – Our capabilities stretch across market capitalizations, styles, and regions with a long history of uncovering compelling opportunities for our investors.
  • Breadth and depth in expertise – Our strategies are managed by teams of seasoned professionals who have the independence to pursue alpha and are part of a collaborative culture that fosters sharing ideas.

US equities

We seek to deliver our best ideas to clients through high conviction investment approaches that stretch across market capitalizations and investment styles. Our domestic equities platform consists of three distinct investment teams with significant expertise across sectors and disciplines.

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Global equities

Invesco has been a trusted partner and leader in global investing for more than 50 years. Our array of product offerings, including global, international, and emerging market equities, is designed to meet a diverse set of investor needs.

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Featured products

Fund Name


Objective and strategy


Invesco Comstock Fund


The fund seeks total return through growth of capital and current income.

Fact sheet

Invesco Value Opportunities Fund


The fund seeks total return through capital growth and current income by investing primarily in a portfolio of common stocks and other equity securities of mid-cap value companies.

Fact sheet

Invesco Small Cap Value Fund


The fund seeks long-term capital growth by investing primarily in a portfolio of equity securities of small-cap companies that the fund’s investment adviser believes are undervalued.

Fact sheet

Invesco Discovery Mid Cap Growth Fund


The fund seeks capital appreciation. The strategy typically invests in mid-cap US growth stocks.

Fact sheet

Invesco Discovery Fund


The fund seeks capital appreciation. The strategy typically invests in small-cap US growth stocks.

Fact sheet

Invesco Main Street Small Cap Fund®


The fund seeks capital appreciation. The strategy typically invests in small-cap US company stocks.

Fact sheet

Invesco Diversified Dividend Fund


The fund seeks long-term capital growth and, secondarily, current income by employing a total return approach, emphasizing capital appreciation, current income, and principal preservation. The fund may act as a foundation for investors' portfolios.

Fact sheet

Invesco Equity and Income Fund


The fund’s investment objective is current income and, secondarily, capital appreciation.

Fact sheet

Invesco Oppenheimer International Growth Fund


The fund seeks capital appreciation. The strategy typically invests in a mix of foreign growth stocks.

Fact sheet

Invesco EQV International Equity Fund


The fund seeks long-term capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of reasonably priced, quality international companies with strong fundamentals and sustainable earnings growth.

Fact sheet

Invesco International Small-Mid Company Fund


The fund seeks capital appreciation. This strategy typically invests in international small- and mid-company stocks.

Fact sheet

Invesco Developing Markets Fund


The fund seeks capital appreciation. The strategy typically invests in emerging and developing market stocks.

Fact sheet

Frequently asked questions

Fundamental equity strategies typically focus on the health of a company’s business when investing in individual stocks. Systematic equity strategies, meanwhile, employ structured, rules-based quantitative models and algorithms to make investment decisions.

It involves analyzing a company’s fundamental strength through earnings, profit margins, intangible assets, competitive moat, and other factors. In other words, a company’s fundamentals determine which stocks are the most attractive for investing.

Yes, value is one of the oldest, well-known fundamental approaches to investing. Value investors typically look for undervalued companies by examining fundamental metrics like the price-to-earnings (P/E) ratio.

Other approaches that typically fall under fundamental equity investing include investing in companies with high growth, revenue, cash flow, and dividends. Growth investors usually focus on companies with higher P/E ratios that are growing revenue quickly. While income investors who want exposure to more stable, mature companies may target the strategy’s dividend aspect.

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