5 Steps to Retirement Savings


Even when participants recognize the value of investing for retirement, they may not be fully aware of how to save more and optimize the benefits of their plan.

5 Steps to Retirement Savings offers easy-to-use strategies participants can adopt to optimize their approach to retirement savings. These steps are:

1. Fund an emergency savings account.
2. Contribute enough to get the 401(k) match.
3. Fully fund a Health Savings Account.
4. Top off the 401(k) up to deferral limits.
5. Max the 401(k) up to annual limits.

Sharing these tips with participants can potentially help them secure better retirement outcomes. 

To learn more about the importance of each of these strategies and ways to implement them, download our Summer 2020 edition of Shifting DC Times to read the 5 Steps to Retirement Savings article.  

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