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What matters most right now: Keeping clients buckled-in

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Staying the course during times of fear, uncertainty, and volatility

Likely your single greatest challenge is not managing your client's assets but managing their emotions. Your client’s perceptions and misperceptions, fears, and phobias — driven by a 24-hour news cycle predicated on the crisis of the moment — often stand between you and their long-term financial success. 

Over the long-term, the stock market historically reflects the objective performance of the macro-economy and the individual companies within that economy. But in the short-term, headlines and human emotion — both of which are exacerbated by a total lack of philosophical framework and historical context to ground these perceptions — tend to rule. Providing this framework and context, not just during times of crisis but throughout the client’s lifecycle, is, in our view, the best inoculation against unbridled fear and the poor decisions that often follow that fear.

“What Matters Most Right Now: Keeping Clients Buckled-in” is designed to:

  • Help you help your clients understand and incorporate the two fundamental principles of sound investing — courage and consistency
  • Help you quell client fears and anxieties by placing current headlines in the context of history
  • Provide useful analogies and metaphors meant to mitigate confusion and create clarity

Financial professionals, to learn more about the “What Matters Most Right Now: Keeping Clients Buckled-in” program, please contact your Invesco consultant.