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Invesco Dynamic Active/Passive

These diversified portfolios target specific levels of risk and return using carefully vetted investment managers.

Target your optimal risk level

The Invesco Dynamic Active/Passive series offers core portfolios of mutual funds and ETFs designed using strategic long-term asset class allocations based on our long-term capital market assumptions combined with our shorter-term/tactical asset allocation process. The lineup includes a range of potential solutions to suit an investor’s risk profile and return objective.  See the holdings overview of the entire series' lineup or access the fact sheet for each individual portfolio:

Model name Equity holding Fixed income holding Documents
Invesco Dynamic Active/Passive 20/80 Portfolio 20% 80% Fact sheet
Invesco Dynamic Active/Passive 40/60 Portfolio 40% 60% Fact sheet
Invesco Dynamic Active/Passive 60/40 Portfolio 60% 40% Fact sheet
Invesco Dynamic Active/Passive 80/20 Portfolio 80% 20% Fact sheet
Invesco Dynamic Active/Passive 100/0 Portfolio 100% 0% Fact sheet

Explore other portfolios

Check out these other models designed for investors seeking to efficiently build a core portfolio that targets a desired level of risk.

Invesco Strategic Active

Invesco Strategic Active Offers core portfolios that provide diversified exposures across asset classes, geographies, factors, and investment disciplines.

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Explore model portfolios

We offer a range of efficient solutions to help build a core portfolio for a targeted level of risk or compliment your core with specific exposures.

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