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Q2 2022 Multi-Sector Allocation Outlook

Q2 2022 Multi-Sector Allocation Outlook

As global central banks balance inflation and growth, how should investors address risk and position their fixed income portfolios? Find out how Invesco Fixed Income is assessing the macro factors driving global fixed income markets and allocating across broad asset classes and specific sectors in fixed income.

Explore our second-quarter outlook for:

Macro factors: Global economic growth is easing as the post-pandemic recovery is behind us. Inflation remains elevated, though the peak may also be behind us and global central banks are on a tightening path.

Risk positioning: We maintain a neutral risk position. Tightening policy and slowing growth and are headwinds for risky assets but still-low central bank rates provide support.

Asset allocation: We have moved to a neutral stance on global duration and remain neutral on global credit. We have moved to an overweight position on the US dollar

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