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What matters most right now: Energy management for high performance

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Foster resilience and energy in high-stress environments

Everything you hope to achieve, personally and professionally, likely presumes you have the energy to accomplish it. The more stressful the environment — like today — the more rapidly energy will likely dissipate, potentially resulting in lost focus, passion, perspective, and eventually, even hope.

To address this challenge, Invesco Global Consulting developed "What Matters Most Right Now: Energy Management for High Performance." This program discusses:

1. Four tanks from which people derive energy and resilience: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual

  • Physical — Establish a strong physical foundation
  • Mental — Recharge and reset your focus
  • Emotional — Maintain emotional equilibrium during times of crisis
  • Spiritual — Build a life with purpose

2. Activities, actions, and tactics designed to help keep each of those four tanks full

To help mitigate being stressed and overwhelmed, there are two generally options: decrease demand or increase capacity. In times of crisis, it is often difficult to impact the amount of demand on your system. However, there are things that you might consider instituting in your day-to-day life to help build capacity.

3. A practical guide for moving from "discipline" to "habit" in any endeavor

To sustain any change long-term, you should strive to move from "discipline" to "habit." The key is consistency; the more complex the activity, the more time it takes before it becomes a habit.

Financial professionals, to learn more about the “What Matters Most Right Now: Energy Management for High Performance” program, please contact your Invesco consultant.

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