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Impactful innovation can happen anywhere. Invesco QQQ ETF gives you access to some of today's most groundbreaking companies by providing cross-sector exposure to the NASDAQ-100 Index — a collection of 100 of the NASDAQ's largest nonfinancial companies.

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Communication Services


From university research project to $800+ billion tech colossus

Can two Stanford University grad students change the world? Yes — by recognizing that web search needed structure and continuously reimagining the algorithms that provide it. Google handles billion searches around the globe, connecting you to the knowledge that makes today’s world possible.

Consumer Discretionary


Is it an auto manufacturer, tech company or energy provider?

The business of Tesla goes far beyond manufacturing electric vehicles — the company also plans to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy by pushing the limits of battery technology and expanding the electric grid. Each advance further blurs the lines between previously distinct industries.

Information Technology


Why not set up shop in your parents’ garage?

To fulfill their dream of making personal computers accessible to all, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak each sold their most valuable possession to launch Apple Computer in 1976. The company created, innovated and followed its own unique muse to become the first $1 trillion US public company in early 2019.1

Health Care

Intuitive Surgical

Saving the lives of soldiers by remote control

It took five years of groundbreaking research into the medical applications of robotics before founders Robert Moll and John Freund were able to secure venture capital. Today, Intuitive Surgical is the leader in minimally invasive, robotic-assisted surgery with over five million procedures completed worldwide.

Consumer Discretionary


Idea + determination + parent’s life savings = world’s largest online retailer

In 1994, Jeff Bezos took a huge leap of faith. He quit his job, moved across the country and used his parents’ life savings to start Amazon. During the first year, he helped pack and deliver orders. Today, Amazon shoppers and clients generate nearly $60 billion of revenue during the quarter on its vast array of products.2

Consumer Discretionary


How a hobby (almost accidentally) became a $35 billion company

Pierre Omidyar had a “problem” — too much traffic on his B2B/B2C hobby auction site. To solve it, he tried the radical approach of asking users to share the cost of expansion. His site became eBay in 1997, and by 2019, there were more than 177 million buyers looking at more than 1 billion listings.3

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